Decorating Exclusively

We are an Event Planner & Co-ordinator.

We design functions that begin with balloons but expand to service all your special event needs. We have a professional team, trained for years in private & corporate events.

At Balloon Trix we make custom-designed sign-in boards and head table signs. Creating theme centre pieces is our specialty.

We have been in business since 1988 & have worked in almost every venue there is to hold a party in the GTA, as well as some places one would never think possible. We have also done functions throughout Ontario & Quebec. See our PAST EVENT BALLOON VENUES listed below.

Browse through OUR PORTFOLIO to view of some of the functions we have done in the past.

You can reach through our convenient CONTACT US page to set up an appointment or find out more information.

I look forward to working with you & creating your very special event.

Dennis Mills


Latex Balloons - 100% Biodegradable

Latex balloons are easily identified by their elastic character & are composed of natural rubber sap & small amounts of non-toxic coagulants & pigments. They are 100% biodegradable. When exposed to outdoor elements, they are completely consumed by soil or water micro-organisms at a rate quicker than experienced by an oak leaf under identical conditions. In much the same way maple syrup is harvested from the maple tree, latex is collected by cutting the tree’s bark, then catching the latex in a cup. Latex harvesting won’t hurt the trees & contributes positively to the preservation of tropical rain forests.

Helium - a Natural Gas with No Harmful Effects

Helium is a lighter-than-air gas used to inflate balloons. It exists in small quantities within the earth’s atmosphere & is mined from underground pools where is accumulates as a by-product of the earth’s production of natural gas. Helium is non-toxic, non-flammable & has no harmful effects on the earth’s environment.

Balloon Releases - Safe for the Environment

When a latex balloon is released, it rises to a height of approximately 28,000 feet, with the helium gas expanding as it rises. With the temperature dropping to minus 40 degrees at this altitude, the balloon freezes. As the helium continues to expand in the frozen balloon, the balloon undergoes “brittle fracturing” & ruptures into small slivers which scatter & fall to earth. A small percentage of balloons which are released will experience leaks from defects & will not rise high enough to freeze & burst. The distance they travel & their distributions will be determined by current prevailing winds.


Our Showcase Locations

Aids Committee of Toronto
Bell Canda
Business Depot
Casey House

Childrens Miracle Christmas
Financial Post
Irwin Toys

Ontario Dental Association
Second Cup

Toronto Maple Leafs
Toronto Raptors

Academy of Spherical Arts
Alice Fazoolis
Avenue Road Coffee Shop
Bayview Country Club
BCE Place
Bistro 990
Board of Trade
Boroghov Centre
Bristol Place Hotel
Buddies in Bad Time Theatre
CN Tower
Capitol Event Theatre
Cafe California
Casa Loma
Colony Hotel
Congress Centre
Constellation Hotel
Crestwood School
Crown Plaza Hotel
Donalda Golf & Country Club
Earl Bales Park
Eaton’s Mariot
Embassy Warehouse (closed)
Four Seasons Yorkville
Guvernment Warehouse

Hair of the Dog
Holiday Inn Airport
Ice Cream Patio
Indian Motorcycle Cafe
Inn on the Park
International Centre
International Plaza Hotel
Jet Night Club
King Edward Hotel
La Park
La Perla
La Spiga
Luxor (closed)
Maple Downs Golf & Country Club
Metropolitan Hotel
Mistura Restaurant
Monte Casino
Now Called Cool
Oakdale Golf & Country Club
Oakham House
Pantages Theatre
Pear Tree Restaurant
Peter Pan Restaraunt
Pinnacle Premiere Ballroom
Prince Hotel
Queen Elizabeth Building

Richmond Hill Country Club
Royal Ontario Museum
Scarborough Town Centre
Science Centre
Shangri La Esna Park Road
Shark City
Sheraton Centre
Sheraton Centre Parkway
Shorasheem – 398 Steeles
St Lawrence centre
Summit Golf & Country Club
Sutton Place
Swimming Pool
Tabu (closed)
The Docks
The Lonsdale Gallery
The Manor Golf & Country Club
The Old Mill
This is Not London
Toronto Convention Centre
Toronto Hilton
Weston Harbour Castle
Whiskey Saigon
White Oaks Conference Club
York Club

Adath Israel
Beth David
Beth Emith

Beth Radom
Beth Shalom
Beth Tikvah
Beth Tzedc

Holy Blossom
Lodzer Centre
Pride of Israel
Sephardic Kehila Centre

Sharri Shamin
Temple Sinai